Botswana Safari

Cooking in Botswana 2017

Botswana is not the remotest of areas if you look at a map of South or Southern Africa. It can however become a very remote destination if you didn’t plan your trip carefully!

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The Exhumas

Cooking in the Bahamas

I never thought I would be visiting the Bahamas. You always get to see pictures of the bluest water and the most beautiful sunsets.

It truly is a magical place and the water is even more beautiful than in the pictures.

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Testing Video

Cooking in France

How it all Started

Dreams come true when one least expects it! I was fortunate enough to cook for some clients who became friends at a private lodge in Hoedspruit, South Africa. One of the clients on this trip decided that I could be of some help on his next Birthday party. We all got along very well and a few days after the trip I got an invite from this client to meat him at the Michelangelo Hotel in Johannesburg. He said he had a proposition involving work and play…

A South African Cooking in France 3
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Zambian Safari

Planning Meal for the Zambian Safari

As far as Safari cooking goes it always have some surprises in store! By now I know there is going to be some challenges. What these challenges will be always brings some fun and games to the party.

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Paris in Summer

Think of Paris and I  think of French Berets, Eiffel tower, Croissants, French baguettes, Beautiful women and well dressed men…idealistic street cafes along the streets with a businessman reading a newspaper. Next door a couple sharing Chocolate Croissants with Espresso…well at least this is what I thought.

Paris in summer is a crazy place to be…some might love it though. Fact remains it is a beautiful and very romantic city with lots to see, do and eat.

Cooking in Paradise

Dreams are made of this.

I didn’t even know this was a dream of mine or even a Bucket list worthy adventure… It was way more than any of those in every sense. Everything you never expected bundled into one epic trip!

On a recent trip to Botswana and Cape Town we met this most wonderful family.  We were invited to go and cook for them in the USA…as it turned out we were cooking in Paradise…also known as the Exumas, Bahamas.

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