Cooking in France

How it all Started

I often get asked why me… if France is such a Culinary Mecca… My only answer to that would be cooking skills, attitude and friendliness. I have absolutely no attitude towards my gift from above regarding cooking, I am almost always friendly and most people like having me around!

I met some clients on a Safari in Hoedspruit in South Africa’s Mpumalanga Province. These clients have since become great friends of ours! They needed someone to come and help them with a birthday party in the South of France near Nice. Dreams come true when one least expects it!

It was a first for me in more ways than one…I have never been to France to start of with. You have no idea what you are letting yourself into. At this point in time I didn’t even know what I had to cook. Nevermind what the Kitchen looked like. This was an opportunity of a lifetime.

The menus ranged from African, Moroccan to Indian. If you have never been to France or any other European Country, let me tell you this …Most of the produce are locally grown and farmed.

They take the greatest care to sell only the best! The fresh produce you can buy at almost every Supermarket, not to mention the local farmers market!

With the fresh produce available in France it was an absolute pleasure and a treat to say the least!

French cuisine is very similar to what we have here in South Africa, or rather there is a lot of French influence in South African Cooking.

Over complicating dishes is sometimes our biggest enemy. These guys cook simple food really good and yes they do have some very complicated ones. They normally use a few basic ingredients. They are very good at pastries and make exceptional bread. We had pickled garlic there for the first time and were also introduced to Pork Rilette.

The brunch ritual usually consists of fresh Baguette, Pork Rilette, some locally made cold Ham with a fresh Heirloom Tomato and onion Salad, some pickles and last but not least… A really good olive oil and some Rosé Wine…what more can you ask for?

I was more than fortunate to experience this part of the Culinary World. Our hosts treated us to some of the best french wines, real Port and some really great french cuisine.

Dreams come true when one least expects! Thank you Minky and PG!