The Exhumas

Cooking in the Bahamas

You always get to see pictures of turquoise blue water, the most beautiful sunsets and spectacular private beaches.

Leaving for a cooking trip always have me with some butterflies in my stomach. It is always the same feeling because I never know what I am going to get…what produce would be available, what would the kitchen be like…everything the same but not! 

This time we were on our way to Atlanta, then Nassau and lastly Staniel Key, which is part of the Exumas. To cook…in the Bahamas of all places!! 

It truly is a magical place and the water is even more beautiful than in the pictures.

I had no idea what I was letting myself into! The scenery is beyond words if you like island life and turquoise water! It was a remote area but nothing like Africa. A fully equipped kitchen, freezers that actually works and cold beer.

There are even grocery stores…3 to say the least. The Blue store sell most of the basics one might need! Pastas, flour, cornmeal and several kinds of tinned food. Once a week they get fresh eggs, cheese and some fruit and vegetables. If you’re lucky you might even get some frozen chicken.

Conch is extremely popular and you might find the odd bar on the island. The most popular spot If you ask me would be Staniel Cay Yacht Club A local pub and restaurant with cold beers and island cocktails. The restaurant serves good unpretentious food typical of island life.

Island life one only gets to read about in books. I have said it before and I will say it again…Blessed beyond what I deserve. To our hosts…if you read this…Salute and thank you so much for the most wonderful cooking experience. Keep Rock and Roll alive…