Cooking in the Bahamas

I never thought I would be visiting the Bahamas. You always get to see pictures of the bluest water and the most beautiful sunsets.

It truly is a magical place and the water is even more beautiful than in the pictures.

I had no idea what I was letting myself into!   We, Santie and myself were to fly to Staniel Cay. Three flights away from South Africa. The longest from Johannesburg to Atlanta which was about 16 hours, then on to Nassau and the last but most fun…a Private plane to Staniel Cay, which is about 120km south of Nassau.

The scenery is beyond words if you like island life and turquoise water! The flight lasted for about 45 min to touchdown in Paradise.

The Blue Shop

What to eat in Staniel Cay.

Conch is extremely popular  and you might find the odd bar on the island. The most popular spot If you ask me would be the Staniel Cay Yacht Club  A local pub and restaurant with cold beers and island cocktails. The restaurant serves good unpretentious food typical of island life. The Yacht Club is also responsible for most of the islands income.

If you cook for yourself there is hope. There are two grocery stores…a Blue Store, a Pink Store and  the Island General dealers. We favoured the Blue Store. They were extremely friendly and helpful and also the first store we visited! If they don’t have anything in stock they will try and get it on the next shipment from the mail boat. This boat delivers stock from Nassau. It only arrives at  Staniel on a Wednesday …….. weather permitting! It is also the boat who brings fresh veggies, milk, cheese and other perishables. You can also buy some cured meats, tinned food, flour, pastas, rice, shelf milk and baking essentials from the stores. The Blue store is a very well stocked little grocery store to say the least.


The Exhumas - My Kitchen View
My Kitchen View

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